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How to connect to the TF2 Servers

Jul 22, 2013
How to connect to the TF2 Servers
  • There are three easy ways to connect to one of our TF2 servers.

    1. Open TF2, click the "Browse Servers" button , select the "Internet" tab, and then put "wdz" into the tag field. This will display all the WDZ servers.

    2. Open the TF2 developer's console using ~. Type "connect [IP address].
    Example: "connect"

    3. Open up your web browser and type the IP in your address bar in this format:


    Example: steam://connect/lax.maxxservers.com:27025

    The IP for all our servers is simply 'lax.maxxservers.com', and all the ports are listed below.

    If however you prefer to type in numbers you can also join by typing[Port]

    24/7 2Fort Night (Custom Map)
    Port: 27025

    Valve Maps Rotation
    Port: 27015

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